Speculative futures of an infinite material X

Micronesic terrains in shaded seas

A perpetual blush (for the pleasure of the eye)

(shimmering promises of photonic visibility)

1. Dermal Projects (nanorods in redshift, artificial skin tissue)


Silk fibroin film, gold nanorods


2,3,4 Print commission for publication: "What you are waiting for on top of the volcano / / Towards a new science of humanity and nature"

Masahiro Terada, March 2015, Showado Publishing, Kyoto, Japan, Japanese with English abstract (pdf)


5. Unifying Language

Wallpaper & C-type transparency, mirror

Installation view (Jack Chiles Gallery NYC)


6. Unifying Language

C-type transparency, mirror


7. Unifying Language

C-type, dibond

Installation view (Lima Zulu London) pdf



Fig. 1, 8,9,10,11,12 : Research produced at Omenetto Lab's artist residency, Tufts University, Cambridge MA.

Raw silk is ‘reverse engineered’ as an aqueous plastic; cocoons are processed into a benign polymer solution and dried as film for (non)optical /biomedical applications.

8. Scanning for ferric irons



9. Dermal projects (photograms on silk fibroin film)

Stained with ferric irons and exposed to light, the cyanotype develops in water, a process which narrowly dissolves the sheath that carries it.

The making of the image and destruction of its carrier is simultaneous.

10. Dermal projects (nanorods in redshift, artificial skin tissue)

Stack of silk fibroin film samples

Assorted dimensions


11. For Anna Bertha Röntgen (nanorods in redshift, artificial skin tissue)

C-type print


12. Dermal projects (nanorods in redshift, artificial skin tissue)

Dichroic silk film samples

Assorted dimensions


13,14, 15 RGB Silks

PVC curtains, video projection

Installation view, ASC Gallery


16. RGB Silks



17. RGB Silks

Video installation

Bermondsey Project Space (in collaboration with Pavilion)